Be Global, Act Local


Killick Group is a global company that offers support services in the supply chain and quality field. We primarily focus on the energy and mining sectors. Our business philosophy is simple: We target our services to a small, select group of energy industry organizations and look to find innovative ways to help them achieve project success. By minimizing our client base, we are able to provide a superior service that matches our customers’ unique needs, specifications, time lines, and deliverables.

Our Business Fundamentals

Our company believes in the "Be Global - Act Local" business strategy. We take the time to develop an understanding of our clients’ needs both from a geographic and business process point of view. We believe in face time; there is real value in our coordinators being able to physically meet our clients. 

Rather than have a large client base, we focus on a small group of core clients and tailor our business capabilities to their needs. By working closely with our clients, we are able to reduce a company’s dependency on ad hoc workflow and instead concentrate on providing high-value global resources to meet client requirements.

Advantages of Focusing on a Small Group of Clients:

  • Ensures effective communication occurs between the client, the coordinator, and field personnel
  • Killick Group focuses on providing niche services to our existing clients, rather than trying to sell to new clients
  • We are able to build strong relationships with our global inspectors that results in ownership and commitment to service deliverability.
  • We believe in service, responsiveness, and making sure levels of bureaucracy do not exist while improving both performance and transparency.
  • By working closer with our clients we are able to better forecast the long term work potential and thus improve the quality and availability of our global resources
  • We are able to build out resources where our clients need them versus the traditional model of presenting a database of thousands of resources
  • Securing of key global individuals improves the potential availability of key resources when unplanned events occur.

Why Choose Killick Group?

Our company believes in superior customer service. We want to ensure the satisfaction of every client by meeting their requirements, providing accurate auditing, being respectful and professional, and developing and using unique systems that allow us to be sufficient with our services even though we are working in more than 50 countries. This is further heightened by our having a small group of clients.

We are able to provide one-on-one services with a level of precision and detail that larger companies may not be able to offer.