Killick Group provides a vertically integrated solution to our clients. We have the ability to follow the process from the beginning of sourcing materials and vendors to the delivery of equipment to the site. Our philosophy is simple: Success is only achieved when the equipment arrives on-site as per specifications. We want to be proud of every end product. This is our motivation to ensure that our people work a little harder to be proactive.

Third-Party Inspection and Expediting Services

Killick Group offers procurement support services at manufacturing facilities around the world. We want to ensure that they meet national and international standards and that their clients’ specific requirements are met in all aspects of goods procured. We have in place defined systems to coordinate and manage third-party inspection and expediting activities in a manner that is cost-effective and value-adding to our clients.

By providing technical inspection and consulting services for a range of industries worldwide (oil and gas, mining, power generation, etc.), we have developed extensive knowledge on many international suppliers and the level of expertise that they can bring to any project.

Through this industry knowledge, experience, and technical expertise, Killick Group helps minimize the occurrence of defective or out-of-specification products, thus bringing significant value to our customers’ procurement and quality groups.

SQS Coordinators Senior and Intermediate Coordination Specialists

Killick Group employs both Senior and Intermediate SQS Coordinators who review inspector CVs and certifications, coordinate inspectors, review reports, and give overall support to our field representatives. Our coordinators have undergone technical training to ensure that each of them has the business and technical background to better assist the needs of our clients.

Killick Group is able to provide in-house senior quality specialists who can assist with the implementation associated with large-scale complex projects. Our senior specialists can support project managers and client management in the execution and administration of all aspects of project deliverables. On the other hand, our coordination specialists have direct experience in managing quality programs.

Our personnel has the ability to assume responsibility and to communicate effectively with all aspects of the project team in an efficient and professional manner. We will assist in seeing project success while maintaining our focus on the customer and looking after the fine details associated with our clients’ interests and investments.

The key services that we can provide:

  • research and recommend solutions to design document problems, including conflicts, interference, and errors/omissions.
  • work closely with contractors and subcontractors to resolve quality issues at the beginning of the manufacturing lifecycle, thereby avoiding costly overruns and repairs later in the construction phase.
  • monitor work to ensure compliance with company standards, procedures, specifications, and codes.
  • maintain accurate and up-to-date logs (vendor/subcontractor, purchase, owner, etc.), track responses, and advise the client management team on current and project status.
  • assist with the research and preparation of field change requests to resolve design issues.
  • conduct quality-assurance activities in accordance with instructions, inspection programs, and industry specifications.
  • attend project coordination and owner/contractor/engineer meetings as required.

Supply Chain Specialists

Killick Group is staffed with both office and field supply chain personnel, including supply chain managers, senior buyers, and senior expeditors. Our supply chain professionals are detailed-oriented with the skills to prioritize, plan, and organize. In addition, they possess excellent communication skills, can effectively manage relationships, and work in teams. They are effective problem-solvers as well.

Some key aspects of our personnel:

  • Multiyear experience both in North America and internationally
  • Custom fit to client requirements - Have qualified expats and highly skilled locals
  • Strong organizational skills and understand the importance of communication
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to make the correct decisions in high-pressure situations
  • Understanding the big picture and the ability to balance the needs of multiple parties to ensure that activities occur in a manner that maximizes overall return to the client.

Project Management Services

With more than 100 years of combined industry experience, the Killick Group management has the capability to undertake a variety of project responsibilities. By leveraging our industry experience, clients are able to utilize our team members to their fullest potential. With a strong focus on quality and safety, our company ensures that projects are managed in a safe and efficient manner while striving to increase the economic netback to our clients.

Some of the areas where Killick Group adds value:

  • We keep track of lessons learned and share them with team members and management.
  • We mitigate team conflict and communication problems.
  • We manage day-to-day supplier interaction, including setting and managing expectations.
  • We ensure that logistical roadblocks and delays are removed in the planning stage, thereby improving client project rate of return.
  • We identify areas for improvement in internal processes and, more importantly, recommend possible solutions.
  • We lead internal teams/task force groups.
  • We review the status reports of team members and address issues as appropriate.
  • We ensure that policies and procedures are followed and provide assistance in streamlining processes.

Vendor Assessment/Audit

Killick Group can assist companies in evaluating a prospective vendor/supplier to determine whether they are capable enough to handle the award, purchase order, or contract. To help our client make this decision, our team performs what is called a Pre-Award Vendor Audit. This audit is made in sufficient depth to makes sure that the proposed award winner has the ability to meet the requirements of the purchase order.

Activities that are performed during the Pre-Award Vendor Audits are as follows:

  • We review the supplier's safety procedures, processes, and records.
  • We identify any disparities that may exist between the request for proposal (RFP) and the supplier's tender that should be resolved during the initial meeting with the survey team.
  • We conduct reviews of production plans and shop loading to ensure that contract schedules can be achieved.
  • We ensure that adequate plant facilities and equipment are available and operable.
  • We verify the transportation, packaging, and preservation conditions of the proposal.
  • We make sure that the labor resources have the proper skills needed to complete the work scope.
  • We make sure that the labor resources have the proper skills needed to complete the work scope.
  • We prepare a listing of available tools and equipment.
  • We verify that plans are in place for vendor supplies and materials or subcontracts to assure that the final delivery schedule can be met. In addition, we make sure that these plans are verifiable.
  • We review any technical data and publications that may be required under the proposed contract and make sure that they are understood by the company.
  • We review the quality control program and make sure that it is workable and consistent with the quality requirements stated in the contract.

Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) Support Services

Killick Group is composed of Senior NDE Specialists who are knowledgeable of international standards. They can review, witness, and verify NDE procedure qualifications and processes, including:

  • Ultrasonic Examinations (including Phased Array)
  • Magnetic Particle Examinations
  • Liquid Penetrant Examinations
  • Radiographic Examinations (including TOFD)

The above service scope can be provided on a short and long-term basis for all projects, including offshore oil and gas, refineries, power plants, utilities, and more.